The convergence of unprecedented data generation capabilities and computing power has generated demand for sophisticated computational approaches and a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists able to deal with the increasing amount of information on different fields of medicine, agronomy, pharmaceutical industry, among others. With the decreasing costs of data generation, one of the challenges is to train experts who can effectively understand and analyze this data. There is a growing need for trained experts in molecular biology and computing, and the Graduate Program in Bioinformatics of the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) was created in 2009 to meet this demand. The program offers MSc degree in the fields of bioinformatics for students pursuing career in science and technology, and very soon should be extended to offer PhD as well.

Training opportunities

The Graduate Program in Bioinformatics of the UFPR stresses the interdisciplinary nature of the bioinformatics and has produced several training opportunities for professionals from computing, biology, statistics and other related areas. The program is designed to provide theoretical and applied training in (1) structural and functional biology, (2) computational biology, and (3) artificial intelligence and data mining.


Prof Dieval Guizelini, PhD


Prof Leonardo Magalhães Cruz, PhD


Ms. Suzana Gobetti